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Sales Policy

Pour une version en langue française de nos Politiques de Vente, cliquez ICI. / Click HERE for a French language version of our Sales Policy. Through its distributor CDMV Inc., Hill’s Pet Nutrition Canada, Inc. (“Hill’s”) has established the VIP Market Program (the “Program”) to provide its partners in the veterinary profession a cost effective way to feed the optimal nutrition of Hill’s brand pet foods to their personal pets.

I confirm that I am a veterinary healthcare team member or staff within a veterinary clinic in Canada. I also agree to each of the following:


Program Terms

  • The products purchased through this Program shall be used solely to feed my personal pets which, for purposes of this Program, shall mean those dogs and cats permanently living in my household.
  • The products shall not be used for any purpose other than as expressly set forth above (other purposes includes, without limitation, feeding of pets belonging to family members not living in my household or friends or feeding of animals within animal colonies or animals used for research or teaching purposes).
  • The products shall not be supplied, transferred or sold to any non-eligible parties. Hill’s distribution policies prohibit re-distribution of Hill’s products to another entity for further resale.
  • The total quantity of products that may be ordered through this Program shall be up to a maximum of 120 pounds per month (54.43 Kg).
  • Hill’s® Prescription Diet® products will only be sold under the direction and supervision of a licensed veterinarian, and only where a valid veterinarian - client - patient relationship (as defined by the applicable provincial veterinary regulatory licensing body) exists. Therefore, I agree that I will order a Prescription Diet product for my personal pet only if such product was recommended by my pet’s veterinarian. Furthermore, I understand that I and / or or my pet’s veterinarian may be asked to verify that such a recommendation was made.
  • Failure of any participant to comply with the Terms set forth in this section or abuse of the Program may lead to the immediate termination of my registration in, and ability to obtain products through, this Program.
  • Hill’s may modify the rules of this Program, and / or other terms and conditions of this Agreement. Should your orders with Hill’s be recurrent, Hill’s may modify their terms and conditions by sending you the information by email, seven (7) days before your next automatic reorder. By visiting the “My Automatic Reorders” section under the menu “My Account”, you can change the desired quantity, your order frequency and the next order date. You can also terminate your recurrent orders if the modification entails an increase in your obligations. Hill’s also reserves the right to cease offering the Program, at any time.
  • Cut off times for orders are the same as those of your affiliated veterinary practice.
  • Free delivery to your affiliated veterinary practice only. No home delivery. Delivery charges may apply if your order cannot be combined to that of your affiliated veterinary practice. It is recommended to place your order on the same day as your affiliated veterinary practice so that CDMV can combine deliveries. Delivery delays for orders are 24 to 72 hours. Any delivery charges will be disclosed at the time of check out.
  • CDMV is not liable for publication errors or for any mistakes resulting from the information on the VIP Market ordering site.
  • The status of your order can be viewed on-line in the ”My Account” section. Please check with the person in charge for order receipts at your affiliated veterinary practice if your order has been delivered so you can pick it up.
  • Return Policy
    • 100% Guarantee: if you are not 100% satisfied with the product, please contact your clinic’s Hill’s sales representative to make the proper arrangements for return.
    • CDMV Shipping/Order processing errors
    • The client (or the clinic) must first obtain a return authorization number from CDMV Customer Service team. The authorization number does not automatically grant a credit.
    • Each return form must contain the following information:
      • return authorization number;
      • customer name, address and phone number;
      • CDMV account number;
      • code, quantity and description for each product;
      • invoice number for each product;
      • purchase order number, if any;
      • reason of return.
      • Link to the return form

        Client signature is mandatory in all cases of returns of products compliant for resale to confirm that they were at all times stored according to the instructions indicated on the product label.
    • Any goods shipped by mistake by CDMV, or damaged during delivery, must be reported within 48 hours (2 working days) after delivery to the client.
    • Products must be returned Collect to CDMV within 48 hours (2 working days) after obtaining the return authorization number. The client must use the carrier selected by CDMV. Should the goods returned be insured or should they be returned by a carrier of the sender’s choice, the latter will be responsible for all charges incurred.
    • Our CDMV Strategic Advisors are not authorized to accept merchandise returns. Only an agent from our Customer Service team is authorized to do so.
    • Although CDMV’s liability ceases when the packages are accepted by the carrier, CDMV’s customer service department will submit claims against the carrier on your behalf. However, your cooperation in such cases is essential as soon as you receive your order. Please make sure that the person in charge of order receipts at the affiliated veterinary practice of which you are an employee verifies the number of packages you receive and clearly indicates on the bill of lading any missing or broken products. Failure to do so may result in the carrier’s refusal to assume liability. Missing or broken products or order mistakes must be reported to CDMV’s customer service department within 48 hours of receiving your order.
  • If you are no longer employed by your affiliated veterinary practice, you must notify CDMV by email to You will no longer be entitled to benefit of the advantages of the Program.
  • Ownership and rights on the goods delivered remain the property of CDMV until final and complete payment of the invoiced purchases. Upon receipt of goods, the participant assumes all risks for loss of or damage to the goods up to and including payment.

Online Ordering Terms

  • Changes, Misprints and Errors: Subject to applicable law, we: (a) reserve the right to change the products and services advertised or offered for sale through the Site, the prices or specifications of such products and services and any promotional offers at any time and from time to time without any notice or liability to you or any other person; (b) cannot guarantee that products or services advertised or offered for sale on the Site will be available when ordered or thereafter; (c) reserve the right to limit quantities sold or made available for sale; (d) do not warrant that the Site or any material that appears on the Site is accurate, complete, reliable, current or error-free; (e) reserve the right to cancel, to terminate or not to process orders (including accepted orders) where the price or other material information on this site is inaccurate or erroneous; and (f) Hill’s reserves the right to refuse any order placed, and may limit or cancel quantities purchased order if there is not enough inventory of an item to complete your order (or if an item is no longer available). If we do not process an order for such reason(s), you will be notified at the email address provided in your registration and any charges invoiced on your credit card will be credited. Some jurisdictions may not allow the exclusions and disclaimers of certain implied warranties, so some of the provisions of this section may not apply to you.
  • Availability. Goods ordered through this Program are subject to availability. Only products currently in stock can be ordered. Backorders may be ordered at a later date when available. If the product requested is temporarily unavailable, it will be indicated on the ordering site, as well as the next available date.  In addition, the packing slip will indicate the cancellation of items, as shown below:


  • List price excludes tax. Net price to be billed will be displayed in the Cart. Any applicable taxes, customs duties and/or transportation fee, if any, will be displayed in the Cart. If a promotion is offered through a Promo Code, details on the rebate will be displayed in the Cart. These terms, together with the Hill’s <Online Terms and Conditions> , constitute an agreement between me and Hill’s Pet Nutrition, Inc., and collectively govern my participation in the Program and my use of this website, including any services provided therein.
  • Type of order: Online orders exclusively at the VIP Market Program website powered by CDMV.
  • Type of payment: Online orders are processed exclusively via credit card payments. Only Visa® and Mastercard® are accepted. At the time of order placement, a preauthorization is taken on the credit card chosen for order payment. Payment is then applied to the credit card at the time of order shipment and invoicing.
  • As a participant to the program, you acknowledge the fact that the health and welfare of your animal(s) are your own personal responsibility, in consultation with your practicing veterinarian, and not CDMV’s responsibility. CDMV Inc. cannot be held liable for your failure to properly care for your animal. In the event that you are no longer employed by your affiliated veterinary practice, you agree that you must notify CDMV Inc. by email at


Consent from participating Staff members

  • I authorize CDMV Inc. to share information on my purchases with Hill’s as well as with the owner of my affiliated veterinary practice, in accordance with CDMV’s Privacy Policy. By placing orders through the Program, I undertake to pay all invoices according to the terms specified therein. Any unpaid invoice will bear interest fees of eighteen percent (18%) per year (1.5% per month) on any outstanding balances. 
  • By taking advantage of the Program, I accept the Terms and conditions of the Program and CDMV’s Privacy Policy, as detailed in these documents.

If you have any questions, please contact us at: